Autoplay Mode!!-Drakensang Online (Dragon Rise) New Server

(Dragon Rise) Played separate from Drakensang Online and Dragon Rise is a New Server The link of the …
2016-09-22 15:03:11

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  1. Hey will we get banned from DSO if we use dragonrise?

  2. du de is it real

  3. graciaaaaaasssss

  4. esta super exelente para los blok

  5. dont play this game its a hacker or somting.. try find drakensang online on fb then try find dragon rise u will know what i mean.
    also this its NOT a bigpoint game you can check on bigpoint game and search dragon rise and NO RESULTS FOUND FOR
    DRAGON RISE go checking

  6. Hello i have this problem can you help me ? every time connection is being established

  7. Is this real, if it's, when will be online this server? lol

  8. Dragon Rise Online Is A New Game Or A New Server Of Dso?

  9. Name of music ?

  10. Vørίυsεςzкд ΔSØ

    well thats just a copyright from dso with some upgrades

  11. Vørίυsεςzкд ΔSØ

    nice prank :3

  12. when was this?

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