SUPER SAIYAN SON GOKU FIGURE-RISE STANDARD Fast Build Up (슈퍼 사이안 손오공 피규어라이즈 스탠다드, 超サイヤ人孫悟空)

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2016-10-03 03:15:52

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  1. cooooollllll

  2. I just kidding.You is why I like building gundam

  3. I don't know what this video for but is really f**k

  4. хаана зарж байна

  5. donde lo compraste

  6. make one 4 kid buu

  7. It's the moooonnnnkkkyyy!!!!!!! Run for the hills!!!!

  8. Yo that is a sick goku bandai fig

  9. What size action base should I get for this?

  10. PUTOS chinos dijo el GERMAN xD

  11. mine keeps coming apart at the waist and the left foot any suggestions

  12. what did you put on the cuetip

  13. what did you put on the cuetip

  14. 와우 정말 멋있네요
    저도 사볼까 하는데 어디서 파나요?

  15. I am getting that toy

  16. 0:03 that sounded like it was from Yo-Kai Watch

  17. 이제품은 그라데이션은 좋은데 먹선은 아닌 것 같네요

  18. if only i can buy one lol

  19. Hi, was the gray stand included with it

  20. I thought this is gundam and lego builder channel, but what is this? Animu builder? NotLikeThis

  21. good man.
    Can you find a Figure-rise Kamen Rider?

  22. your music choice is always on point man . keep it up 500k one day

  23. 00 SHIA QAN [T]

  24. 높으신분들은 그걸 몰라요 P

    어후 어쩌다 먹선펜을….

  25. try to battle with try burning gundam :v

  26. 우와,생각보다 가동률 진짜 좋네요

  27. fuck you i waiting for long to watch your gundam videos and this is what i get !!!!!unsubscribe

  28. 마고의학교일기


  29. 루프스사러가욤~ 오공도 멋지네욤~ 사고싶은마음이 쑥쑥!(?)

  30. Where is your Batman mask?

  31. ㅈㄹ멋져요

  32. hello, they are very good and entertaining your reviews, greetings from chile

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