KODAN OF DRAGON’S RISING! – Guild Wars 2 Revenant Let’s Play 16 (GW2 | PC | 1080p)

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2016-07-14 04:00:01

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  1. was going to get this game but i don't have a phone to verify. 🙁

  2. Do Jormag it is a 2 phase world boss I think you would like if you never did it yet

  3. They are called the Kodan and after Skritt they are my favorite race in Gw2. Everyone says tho the next new race will be the bird people. AN yea you ported to the bottom of a 70 80 map. A world boss dragon is at the top. Still looking forward to you doing a world boss or two, some fractals and such as you level. Story mode Dungeons are AWESOME xp too as you level.

  4. It's not an open dungeon or anything it's just a lvl 70-80 zone lol. You missed a lot of mega bosses on Collete, there are dragon's, giant fire tornados – etc. It's worth doing them. Be sure to reread your skills you seem a little confused about em. Be sure to also read up on break bars you still seem confused about em and you'll be seeing em a lot.

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